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I am currently a final year B.Tech (ECE) student at Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT), Nagpur. I have been working on Deep Learning for quite a while now. Primarily, my focus has been on the mathematics behind Computer Vision & Deep Learning algorithms along with its real-time implementations. I mainly work with images and sequential data and wish to contribute more towards the progress of these fields. With sheer persistence, I have been able to complete a diverse span of projects in a short time. Furthermore, I have mentored a few projects which have procured international research papers and patents. I plan to join an academia for productive research! I have had exposure in other fields also like Natural Language Processing, Electronics, Communication systems, CAD, Graphic Designing, Video Editing, etc.

During my sophomore year, I joined IvLabs, the AI and Robotics Lab. Here I worked under Dr. Shital Chiddarwar on some real-time problem statement which can be solved using Computer Vision techniques.

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Publications and Patents


“Person Following Mobile Robot using Multiplexed Detection and Tracking”

Khush Agrawal and Rohit Lal (In: International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering. Springer)

“Real Time Human Computer Interaction using Facial Gestures”

Rohit Lal and Shital Chiddarwar (In: Proceedings of The 10th International IEEE Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies, IIT Kanpur. IEEE Xplore)

“Cursor Control Using Face Gestures”

Arihant Gaur, Akshata Kinage, Nilakshi Rekhawar, Shubhan Rukmangad, Rohit Lal and Shital Chiddarwar (In: Proceedings 11th International Conference on Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition (SoCPaR 2019))

Patent: "Navigation System for a Vehicle and for Navigation"

Pandya Karan, Kotecha Prakrut, Iyer V Aadhithya, Gaikwad Ravishankar, Lal Rohit , Agrawal Rishesh and Shital Chiddarwar | Issued Dec 1, 2019 Patent no. 201921049473


Person Follower Mobile Robot

Indian Number Plate Recognition

Solving Taxi v3 of OpenAi Gym

Self balancing Camera Platform

Word Embedding Generation using NLP

Real Time Handwritten Digit recognition

Harmonic Motion Analyser using MATLAB

Hand Gesture controlled Robot

Classifier without High Level APIs



Deep Learning and Computer Vision Research

Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO)

Jul 2020 – Sept 2020 Bengaluru, India
Working at Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics CAIR Lab, DRDO on building object detection and tracking pipeline using drone cameras which is at an altitude of 100 meters above ground. Also working on drone imaging for pixel-wise pose-estimation and GPS coordinates extraction.

Research Intern: Deep Learning and Computer Vision

NUS - National University of Singapore

May 2020 – Nov 2020 Singapore
Currently doing my intern under Prof. Hongliang Ren. My task is to do tracking of gaits genreated by Origami robots. This task has been done using traditional CV techniques and the next step is to incorporate various deep learning techniques for 6D pose estimation.

Deep Learning Intern

Loksun Technologies

Jun 2019 –Jul 2019 Whitefield, Bengaluru
During my intern I worked on realtime weapon detection algorithm using IP cameras and also on various tracking algorithms. I was also involved in implementing multi camera multi target model. The company is going to file US patent for the product. [certificate]


IEEE VNIT Student Branch

Jul 2019 –Present VNIT, Nagpur
IEEE VNIT Student Branch is a technical Society run by the students of VNIT. I head the council responsible for managing the Society and will be involved in the decision-making process of several initiatives in the tenure of the council.

Technical Secretary

Electronics and Communication Engg. Dept.

Jul 2018 –Jul 2020 VNIT, Nagpur
The ECE branch of VNIT Nagpur is one of the finest departement of the college. My job during my tenure was to ensure smooth functioning of technical facilities required for teaching and overall development

Core Member


May 2018 –Present VNIT, Nagpur
IvLabs is the Robotics and Innovation Society run by the students of VNIT. I taught at various IEEE workshops related to image processing, MATLAB, basic electronics, CAD, etc to a strength of more than 100 students at every workshop which promoted technical culture.

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Relevant Courses

Machine Learning by Andrew Ng

Certificate | Coursera

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Certificate |

Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization, etc

Certificate |

Convolutional Neural Networks

Certificate |

Structuring Machine Learning Projects

Certificate |

Introduction to Computer Vision

Aaron Bobbick | Udacity

CS224n: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning

Christopher Manning | Stanford / Winter 2020

Multivariate Calculus, Integral and Discrete Transforms

Statistical Analysis, Probability and Queuing Theory